What We Do

The Cherokee Charmers are the varsity drill team at Waxahachie High School. The team performs at pep rallies, football and basketball games and they also put on a wonderfully entertaining spring show. Our team has distinguished itself in past competitions, receiving many awards, including the prestigious Team Gussie Nell Davis Award of Excellence, Best in Class for both kick and pom routines and received both a Sweepstakes and Judges Award, as well as first place for Officer Novelty and second place for Officer Lyrical. Last year's team performed at the Riverfront and for Natchez Steamboat passengers in New Orleans. The Cherokee Charmers also participate in a wide variety of community service projects throughout the year as part of their Charmer commitment.

The purpose of the Cherokee Charmer organization is to support WISD athletic teams and activities by:

  • Promoting school spirit
  • Focusing on teamwork
  • Inspiring dedication
  • Boosting moral

Participating in the Cherokee Charmer program helps girls on the path toward becoming strong future leaders. Charmers:

  • Develop valuable leadership skills
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Develop character
  • Enhance work ethics
  • Learn time management
  • Have a healthy respect for others
  • Develop high self-esteem
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Hone organizational skills
  • Develop strong self-discipline
  • Develop enhanced concentration and focus